Hands-On Training @ Mt. Joy

Now introducing, Hands-On Training @ Mt. Joy, a computer training ministry. 

Hands-On Training @ Mt. Joy created in 2010, will meet the demands to introduce everyone in our community the Internet and computer-related technologies, for their personal and professional goals. Acomputer ministry focused on the un-prepared low-income youths in the Trussville and surrounding communities.

Hands-On Training @ Mt. Joy: The computer ministry operates five days a week for 12.5 hours.

Hands-On Training @ Mt. Joy offers the following services:

Basic Computer Training:

This class will give students a better understanding of how computers work, what they can do, what the Internet is. In addition, students will learn basic word processing skills, which should allow them to use Hands-On Training @ Mt. Joy to write a letter or other basic document.

Comprehensive Computer Training:

This course will attempt to ensure that the concepts, principles, and problem-solving skills developed in the course will be applied on the job or in future academic setting, a set of objectives has been established.

Internet and research access:

Tutors available for students. 

Resume building:

Professional consultants available to teach resume building skills and job preparations.

Technical support:

Our labs are staffed by lab consultants and help desk technicians who are happy to assist you with software, hardware and technology questions or problems. 

Small Business Support:

Assist small business set up Web pages, provided them with a Web site and trained them to use the Internet for their work.