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"Joy In The Morning"  

Prayer: A Holy Occupation

The JOY of every Christian is to Pray Plain & Simple.  Yet, we want to do more than simply pray.  We want to do something that is important to God; we want to be someone who is important to Him.  We want to build; we want to show our strength and exert our influence.  Prayer seems to be such a small thing to do, next to nothing at all in fact.  But that's not what Jesus said.  To Him, prayer is everything; it is a DUTY as well as a PRIVILEGE, a RIGHT as well as a RESPONSIBILITY.  We usually use prayer as a last resort, Jesus wants it to be the first thing we choose to do.  We pray when there's nothing else to do.  Jesus wants us to pray before we do anything else.  He wants us not only to talk about GOD, but He wants us to talk to GOD.  He wants us to talk to GOD about situations before we move on situations.  Our business is prayer.  Prayer is our Holy Occupation; so let's get to work before we are too late for our jobs.  In the name of Jesus, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!

If you would like prayer intercession for you or someone else, please submit the name of the person below in the request box.  It would give us such JOY to be able to PRAY for you IN THE MORNING.

"Keeping families together through prayer."

Prayerfully Yours,

Mt. Joy Baptist Church

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